Monday, September 18, 2006

On Our Way Upstate...

Exciting news this afternoon: The planning is underway for our more thrilling travels, including a visit to the twin jewels of Upstate New York: Buffalo and Rochester. (We will complete the trifecta in October, with a drive to Syracuse).

I am only a few hours into my research of these fine cities, so you can look for more detailed articles on our Trip Goals and other planning topics in the next few days. For now, here is the general plan:

Sunday, September 24th
We fly from Boston to Buffalo in the late afternoon.

Wednesday, September 27th
After Keryn's visits are over for the day, we'll make the long drive to Rochester.

Friday, September 29th
Return to Boston from Rochester.

That's right, we're looking at 4d/3n in Buffalo, and 3d/2n in Rochester...

A logical question might be: "why are you going on vacation to Upstate New York?" I don't mean to offend any Upstate natives, but even you probably agree this is a fair question. Well, the answer is that it isn't exactly a vacation. Keryn is on the road for work and since I'm gainfully unemployed, I figured I might as well tag along. While I'm there, I figure to gain a lot of blog fodder, and maybe a few short stories that aren't set in Boston or Maine...

As I began my search for information, I noticed that the area does have a certain lack of confidence in itself:
"Buffalo, Who Knew?"

My first hour of research generated an unexpected level of anticipation... Seriously. I mean, when else will I "vacation" in Upstate New York? I can say with some certainty that any future trip that way will be for business rather than pleasure, so you can expect I'll make the most of this opportunity.

Look for more in the next few days: Normal Girl and I only have a few days to plan this trip!

- Normal Guy

DISCLAIMER SURE TO OFFEND: I have heard that there is a distinction between "Upstate" and "Western" New York. Unfortunately, I'm kind of a New York idiot (a fact that is soon to change), so to me New York exists in three parts: The City, Long Island, and Upstate. I beg your forgiveness for my ignorance.


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